Regenerative and Sustainable Economic Development

Blue Continent returns us to quantum ideals that connect people and nations

NOTICE: Blue Continent has recently experienced growth in operating locations, projects and partnerships. Accordingly we are in the process of updating our site to reflect the progress and growth we have experienced. We thank you for your patience whilst we update our site. If you require more information from us in the interim, please contact us at

Blue Continent Group is a financial group that seeks financial returns and economic development within a framework of sustainable and regenerative principles.

Our business areas include:

  • Investment Banking and Corporate Finance
  • Trustee and Asset Management;
  • Digital Finance: Web 3.0 and FinTech;
  • Securitisation

We are guided and voluntarily audited in our business activities by the Blue Continent Institute (“BCI”), an independent economic think tank, headquartered in Honolulu Hawaii. The BCI Framework is based on a strong culture that demands the responsible stewardship of resources, the environment and a focus on the community impacts of such, as practiced by the people of the Pacific Islands for many thousands of years.

The principles although, inspired by the culture of stewardship of Pacific Island Nations, can be translated into any setting, for in the words of the BCI founder Professor Ramsay Taum: “not all islands are surrounded by water”.

The BCI Framework is consistent with, in some cases extends beyond the scope of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.